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Introduction to PP Plastic Building Templates

PP hollow building templates are a new type of construction material, mainly used to replace wooden templates. They are made by melting and extruding PP plastic with a certain proportion of calcium carbonate powder.

With the strengthening of people's environmental awareness and the desire to reduce costs and increase efficiency, plastic building templates have undoubtedly become a popular product. As is well known, wooden templates are mainly used for building houses nowadays, but the extensive use of wooden templates brings many drawbacks. Firstly, a large amount of forest resources will be consumed, which is not in line with national environmental protection policies. Secondly, wooden templates have a short lifespan and must be replaced after being used about 5 times. Thirdly, they cannot be recycled, resulting in resource waste. In contrast, plastic building templates do not have such drawbacks. They can be made from recycled PP plastic and calcium carbonate powder, and due to their non-water-absorbing and corrosion-resistant properties, their service life is greatly improved, and they can be used for up to 50 cycles. They can also be recycled and reused, without causing waste. Compared to wooden templates, the overall cost of plastic templates is significantly reduced, which is in line with national environmental policies and the concept of sustainable development.