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What are the advantages of plastic templates compared to traditional templates?

1. In terms of economic benefits, plastic templates can be reused for more than 50 times, and the templates can be recycled for reuse.

2. In terms of safe construction, plastic templates are lighter in weight and easier to handle, which can improve the safety of construction.

3. In terms of energy conservation, plastic templates are energy-saving and recyclable materials with zero waste discharge.

4. In terms of innovation, plastic templates are a new type of construction template material, pollution-free, waterproof, earthquake-resistant, anti-aging, and corrosion-resistant. Its lightweight design allows a worker to easily handle two 600mm x 1800mm templates with each hand.

5. In terms of project progress, plastic templates have high strength, strong toughness, impact resistance, and strong elasticity, which can be used together with the commonly used wooden templates. When the plastic template is removed, it only needs to be lightly tapped to fall off, which can effectively shorten working hours, accelerate project progress, and reduce template cleaning and maintenance costs.

6. Plastic template performance is stable. Plastic templates are resistant to heat and cold, have a small expansion coefficient, and are stable in size at temperatures ranging from -10°C to 75°C. Under the same working conditions, construction efficiency can be increased by 40% compared to traditional construction templates.

7. The above are the advantages of plastic templates compared to traditional templates. Plastic templates can improve the hardness and toughness of templates while improving the overall modulus of templates, which improves the drawbacks of conventional construction templates and better meets construction needs, setting a benchmark for similar products.